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Welding Machine Testing & Calibrations

At Arc Welders, Inc. we provide machine testing and calibration services for all your meters and welding equipment.  Our comprehensive testing and calibration includes:

  • Calibration of amp meters, volt meters, wirefeed meters as well as panel indicators
  • Data sheet showing calibration results
  • Machine labeled with approved stickers relevant to the services provided
  • Testing and visual inspection of machine during calibration.
  • Test inputs and outputs of the equipment.
  • Documentation provided on calibration equipment – Standards traceable to N.I.S.T and OSHA.

We utilize a resistance load bank specifically designed to test and calibrate the output from welding machines.  Using this we can vary the load applied to access readings and output levels that cannot be obtained while welding allowing us to verify readings from minimum to maximum instead of just at the welding parameter the machine is currently set up for.  This ensures accuracy throughout the entire output range of the machine.

Also the output of the machine and the ratings are unstable while welding and vary with changes in the arc length and other factors.  When a resistance load is applied this is overcome and the readings are extremely stable and machine outputs can be verified within 1 amp and 1/10 of 1 volt.

The bottom line is we care about your situation and strive to work toward the most cost efficient solution within your budget.  Give us a call today to let us begin testing your equipment.

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